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Our Australia Property Services

Right Key Investment, established in 2020, is a leading player in the Australian property investment sector. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with multiple international offices, our firm is actively expanding, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia and mainland China.

Expert Team Selection

Selecting the right team is critical in the complex world of property investment. Right Key Investment recognise the significance of this choice in your investment journey. That's why we've carefully assembled a highly skilled and diverse team hailing from Singapore, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Our experts bring backgrounds in finance, accounting, mortgage loans, law, and marketing to the table, ensuring that your investment is guided by professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.


Property Management Excellence

Our commitment to excellence extends to property management. Our dedicated property management team provides unwavering support to clients, from routine maintenance to meticulous upkeep, ensuring your property remains in impeccable condition. They also offer valuable guidance on leasing considerations post-acquisition, handling all lease-related matters, including tenant sourcing, agreement management, rent collection, and issue resolution. This comprehensive approach contributes to property appreciation and wealth accumulation.


Expert Legal Guidance

The procedures and laws of property acquisition in Australia are unique, and differ from those in other countries or cities. Understanding the nuances of Australian property transactions is crucial. Right Key Investment will recommend experienced lawyers specialising in Australian property transactions. These legal experts provide comprehensive guidance throughout the transaction process, negotiating on your behalf, offering expert legal opinions on contract terms, and providing various services related to property transfers. With their support, your property acquisition journey will be both legally sound and streamlined.


Thorough Property Inspection

We leave no room for uncertainty during property handovers. Through our partnerships with trusted inspection teams, we ensure a smooth transition of Australian property investments from developers and builders to buyers. This meticulous process safeguards against potential building issues, providing our clients peace of mind throughout the handover procedure.


Efficient Accounting and
Taxation Services

Navigating the complexities of Australian tax rates and systems demands precision and expertise. Right Key Investment partners with professional accounting services to consider your Australian and overseas income tax, overseas property tax, stamp duty for foreign buyers, and more. Our goal is to ensure we match you to your most suitable property, and at the same time assist in legally obtaining tax exemptions to the greatest extent possible. With our support, your financial journey is optimised, and your investments are strategically structured for success.


Strategic Mortgage Consultation

Securing favourable mortgage terms is integral to a successful investment. At Right Key Investment, our mission is to assist you in acquiring the key to successful investment. Our mortgage broker partners are committed to securing the most advantageous Australian mortgage rates for our clients. They also determine the appropriate mortgage loan-to-value ratio based on your unique financial situation, empowering you to confidently embark on your investment journey. Our team is eager to help customers from around the world buy Australia properties for investment or self-use purposes.

Right Key Investment looks forward to partnering with you to create the ideal Australian real estate investment plan. If you wish to learn more about buying property in Australia and Australian investments, or if you require our professional property management services, please feel free to contact our team anytime. Get in touch with us now and let us embark on your journey to success in the Australian real estate arena! Contact us!


Now to co-create a brand new future for Australian investment!

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