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Introducing the Book:
'Investing in Australian Properties:
Building Financial Freedom'


Investing in Australian properties represents a pivotal step toward securing your financial future. Whether you aspire to build a life in Australia or strategically plan for retirement, this endeavor holds immense potential. However, delving into the Australian property market requires a deep understanding of various aspects, including the real estate landscape, political environment, taxation systems, laws, mortgages, and even cultural nuances and lifestyle.

Alison, an unwavering specialist of real estate, has seamlessly integrated real estate into every aspect of her life, from her career and interests to her investments. Her journey, spanning from her roots as a real estate agent in Hong Kong to becoming a licensed Australian real estate agent, lawyer, and accountant, uniquely positions her as an unparalleled guide for those seeking to invest in Australian properties.

In her book, 'Investing in Australian Properties: Building Financial Freedom,' Alison shares invaluable tips and insights on navigating the Australian property market. Her guidance extends from the meticulous selection of investment-grade properties to insights on the cost of land and house acquisition, often starting at approximately HKD 3 million. Alison delves into the art of maximising cash flow through tax advantages and helps readers decipher whether to hold properties in personal, corporate, or trust names. The ultimate goal: achieving financial freedom through strategic property investments in Australia.

Drawing upon her multifaceted expertise as an Australian property specialist, practicing lawyer, and accountant, Alison unveils the secrets to progressively attaining positive cash flow through property investments. She provides the roadmap to financial freedom, allowing readers to embark on this transformative journey sooner rather than later.

This comprehensive book comprises 9 sections and 19 chapters, meticulously presenting knowledge and strategies for purchasing Australian properties. The content covers a broad spectrum of property acquisition, including:

  • 'Breaking Through': Navigating investment challenges in Hong Kong and uncovering opportunities in the Australian property market.

  • 'Choosing Properties': The art of selecting the right properties and identifying promising investment prospects.

  • 'Tax Savings': An in-depth exploration of the most tax-efficient property holding methods, along with insights on leveraging tax deductions and depreciation for maximum advantage.

  • 'New Properties': Strategies for reaping the benefits of purchasing new properties in Australia, including substantial tax deductions and cost-effective renovation approaches.

  • 'Financial Freedom': Defining financial freedom and the path to becoming part of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement. Alison outlines the 5 crucial steps to attaining financial freedom.

  • 'Psychology': Unpacking the psychology behind successful property investment and highlighting the 5 major pitfalls of irrational investment.

  • 'Beginners' Guide': Essential guidance for beginners, including how to evade 9 common pitfalls when purchasing properties in Melbourne, Australia.

  • 'Dos and Don'ts': Navigating the essential dos and don'ts of remote property acquisition.

  • 'Planning': Diving into the fertile grounds underpinning the growth of Australian properties and offering predictions for future property prices in the country.

Alison's book is an indispensable resource, meticulously crafted with refined writing, thorough analysis, and a wealth of data, examples, and charts. It is your comprehensive guide to making informed decisions and achieving financial freedom through astute property investments in the vibrant Australian real estate market.

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