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Victoria Tower Adelaide

Grote St, Adelaide, Australia

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Project Introduction:

Victoria Tower Adelaide is quietly revolutionizing inner city living in Adelaide, bringing luxury. This breathtaking 36-level complex pushes the boundaries of contemporary style while never compromising on a commitment to high-end quality and durability.


The result is a timeless classic, a modern masterpiece with stunning facilities in an enviable location. The kind of building where people ask, “I wonder what the penthouse looks like?”

We’re here to tell you that only two sub-penthouses are available, and they’re simply extraordinary. They represent an opportunity to live in the lap of luxury, to take on a lifestyle like Hollywood royalty. All that, right in the heart of Adelaide, with the city at your feet and astounding views greeting you from every angle.

The sub-penthouse floorplans have a sprawling feel, with three-meter-high ceilings and extra-large windows helping create an aura of spatial abundance. The exquisite fixtures and fittings enhance the feelings of excess throughout, where no expense has been spared in ensuring leading global brands and quality is assembled for your pleasure and convenience.

Neutral tones tinged with organic and timber accents create an appealing palette that is equal parts spellbinding and relaxing. It beautifully complements the views of Adelaide City in the foreground, the Hills to the East and the ocean to the West.


Purchasing uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong is complicated and contains risk. You should review all relevant information and documents carefully before making a purchase decision. If in doubt, please seek independent professional advice before making a purchase decision. All prices are for indication only due to currency exchange differences.

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