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Gungahlin, Canberra, Australia

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Project Introduction:

Blending superior architectural form with an amazing location, Sierra brings the perfect combination of location and affordability to Gungahlin Town Centre for both live in owners and investors. With a selection of one, two and three bedroom apartments, there is a space at Sierra that will work for your life or investment portfolio, no matter where you are at.



With jaw dropping sunsets and incredible entertaining spaces, Sierra Gungahlin offers a lifestyle that rivals any other in the town centre. All the luxuries you want but nothing you don't need and at a price that doesn't seem possible for all you get.


Spacious 3 bedroom apartments, unconventionally cool 1 bedrooms and lots of other configurations in between. There are even payment plan options if you are almost there but just need a little help.



Located in arguably the best location in the town centre, with a diverse range of investment opportunities, no matter if you are an experienced property investor or just looking to get in the market there is a financially beneficial option for you at Sierra Gungahlin.


Opt for efficient inclusions and maximise your returns. Go for the extra security of a rental guarantee in place from settlement. Check out the dual income options. With these, you could pay off the mortgage sooner and have a cash positive investment property from day one.


Purchasing uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong is complicated and contains risk. You should review all relevant information and documents carefully before making a purchase decision. If in doubt, please seek independent professional advice before making a purchase decision. All prices are for indication only due to currency exchange differences.

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