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Champion Lakes

Champion Lakes, Armadale, Perth, WA, Australia

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Project Introduction:


The Champion Lakes project is located in Armadale, one of Western Australia's suburbs rated as "Perth's best performing 2023".

It is a lakeside Suburb southeast of Perth in the City of Armadale.

Champion Lakes is a 35-minute drive from Perth CBD.

Centre of Armadale can be reached in 7 to 9 minutes.

There are three large parks, about 46.9% of the total area,

The overall greenery and leisure sports facilities nearby are unmatched elsewhere in Perth.


Purchasing uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong is complicated and contains risk. You should review all relevant information and documents carefully before making a purchase decision. If in doubt, please seek independent professional advice before making a purchase decision. All prices are for indication only due to currency exchange differences.

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