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[GTI Australian immigration analysis] Hong Kong specialty immigration | Australian steps and require

Updated: Jun 4

The full name of the GTI is the “Global Talent Independent Program”, which aims to get cutting-edge overseas talent in Australia in various fields. It is a special application channel for outstanding talent for 858 skilled visas in Australia.

Due to the attraction of the GTI project’s advantages, it is favoured by Hong Kong citizens. Competition for GTI applications is becoming increasingly intense, and the time to wait for the invitation has also been extended. However, GTIs are still one of the best channels for skilled migration to Australia.

This article introduces the specific requirements and application steps for Australian GTI immigrants in detail, so my Hong Kong friends can meet the requirements of Australian GTI immigration.

June 2024 GTI Australia Immigration Project Update

The Australian government announced significant changes to the Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa program in the 2024-2025 Federal Budget released in May.

By the end of 2024, the 858 Global Talent Visa will undergo a transformation and be renamed the National Innovation Visa (NIV), with an expansion to include entrepreneurs. In the 2024-2025 financial year, the existing GTI visa will continue to be implemented, but the quota will be reduced from 5000 to 4000, with the 1000 reduced spots being allocated to eligible NIV applicants.

However, applications submitted before the implementation of the new policy will be processed according to the current GTI requirements. The Department of Home Affairs will manage the transition of existing applications to the National Innovation Visa, providing support to current GTI applicants to ensure they are not unduly disadvantaged.

1. What is a GTI immigration visa?

GTI is a new skilled migration approach launched by the Australian Ministry of Interior on November 4, 2019. The project cooperates with Australian universities, industry institutions, and state and local governments to attract elite talent in cutting-edge fields to immigrate to Australia to promote the development of Australia through transfer skills, promote innovation, and create employment opportunities.

The global talent competition is becoming more and more enthusiastic. Under the development model of innovation and knowledge, this will change rapidly in the future. At present, the supply of local talent in Western developed countries may not be able to keep up with the pace of development. Introducing foreign talent according to a skilled occupation list is a fast-acting solution to fill the lack of human resources.

As an immigrant country, much of Australia’s work depends on overseas input, especially the fintech industry. Australia has always relied on technical immigrants.

2. Hong Kong Outstanding Talent Application for Immigration Australia GTI Conditions Requirements

1. Australian GTI immigration requires skilled migration applicants to have no criminal records and be in good health.

2. In the past, there has been no record of Australian authorities refusing or canceling the Visa.

3. The applicant must meet the annual income requirements of $153,600. The income requirements may change on July 1 each year. Applicants applying as GTI immigrants must provide wages, such as contracts or payments. Alternatively, they must prove that their future salary will meet the requirements or that they have recently obtained a doctorate relevant to the skilled occupation list. 

4. Australian GTI immigration requires the applicant to have an IELTS of at least 4.5.

5. GTI immigrants have no age requirements, but if the applicant is under 18 or more than 55 years old, they must prove that they can make extraordinary contributions to the Australian community in the future.

6. Applications for Australian GTI immigrants require recommendations. The referee must be a professional in the same field as the applicant and an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen, or a reputable Australian organisation in the same field. If the applicant is personally recommended by a highly reputable organisation from the skilled occupation list, it will be more effective.

7. GTI immigration requires applicants to live and settle in Australia. Applicants must ensure that they can find a job in the industry in Australia and receive income.

8. There are specific professional achievements.

9. Hong Kong citizens apply for the Australian GTI immigration process.

10. Fill in and submit the global talent visa plan intention (EOI table).

11. Submit the paper version of the Australian GTI visa application.

12. Perform physical examinations and add biological characteristics information.

13. Notice of the results of the Australian GTI visa immigration application.

4. Australian GTI immigration visa advantage

1. One-stop visa application for the whole family:

GTI immigrants can obtain a permanent resident skilled visa in Australia in one step and save time and money, avoiding a temporary visa before applying for permanent residence. The one-step style also allows applicants to immigrate with their spouse and children under 18.

2. No high investment, low threshold:

Compared with the entrepreneurial immigration visa, the Australian GTI skilled migration visa does not require applicants to invest in Australia. In addition, there is no settlement capital requirement. As long as you can find a job in Australia and guarantee the required annual income, you can immigrate to Australia as a GTI.

3. No score requirements:

Different from the scoring requirements of the Australian Technology Immigration Program, there is no requirement for a GTI visa. When you can show relevant achievements from your industry, you can apply for a GTI skilled visa in Australia.

4. Priority application process:

After submitting an 858 visa application through the GTI skilled migration plan, a specific identity certificate will be received. Through this, applicants will be regarded as the highest priority, significantly shortening the processing time.

5. Short evaluation time:

The processing time is expected to not exceed three months.

5. What is the difference between GTI and independent technical immigrants?

The main difference is that applicants for GTI only need to be higher academic talents in the designated industry in Australia. The focus is on academic contributions relevant to the skilled occupation list. Therefore, how to show their academic achievements during the application process has become the key factor for many Australian GTI immigrants.

6. What are the requirements of Australia’s industry in GTI immigration applicants?

You must be able to demonstrate exceptional talent in one of the seven target sectors: AgTech, Space and Advanced Manufacturing, FinTech, Energy and Mining Technology, MedTech, Cyber Security, and Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT.

You must be nominated by a recognised Australian organisation or individual who has a national reputation in the same field as you.

You must have a record of outstanding achievement in your area of expertise, and have the potential to become a global leader in your field.

You must be able to obtain an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in your area of expertise.

You must meet the relevant skills and qualifications requirements for your area of expertise.

You must have the capacity to contribute to the Australian economy and community through your exceptional talent.

You must be able to satisfy health and character requirements.

7. The latest approval data for GTI immigrants in Australia

In the fiscal year of Australia 2021-22 (2021.7.1 to 2022.6.30).

The quota and approval of the Australian GTI immigration in the past fiscal year are as follows (GTI projects start on 2019.11.4):

2019-2020: quota 5000, approval 4109;

2020-2021: 15000 quotas, approval of 9584;

2021-2022: quota 15000, approval 8776;

2022-2023: There is a 5000 quota, a reduction of two-thirds.

According to news released by the Immigration Bureau, the number of applications and invited applicants for Australian GTI immigrants in Hong Kong has been far ahead of the world. For example, there were 8,698 applicants from Hong Kong from 2021 to 2022, accounting for 9.9% of skilled visas in Australia.

Do not miss out, qualified Hong Kong friends.

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