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2023 Study in Australia: School Analysis, Application Process, and Academic System

Updated: Apr 11

Why choose to study in Australia?

Australia has a good quality of life and a sound education system, attracting many international students to study in Australia every year. As a flexible and diverse country, there are naturally countless course options for further study in Australia, and students can choose their favorite subjects to study and develop their interests. This is why Australia has been the best choice for overseas study for many years.

Hong Kong students now only need to complete university, masters, doctoral, or vocational education courses in Australia, get a work visa and meet the residency requirements, and they can achieve the purpose of immigrating to Australia (which is very cost-effective).

In addition, compared with overseas study in the United Kingdom and the United States, the cost of studying in Australia is relatively cheap. Coupled with a guaranteed quality of life, students will study and live in such an ideal country with half the effort.

Overview of further education in Australia

Australia is a multicultural country; you can meet students from all over the world, even many older students, and enjoy a variety of further study options:

  1. Primary school: Once they turn the age of 6, students are eligible to go to primary school in Australia. Primary education in Australia encourages students to express themselves boldly and focuses on cultivating students' self-directed learning ability. The learning content is mainly organized in six areas: English, Creative Arts, Human Society and Environment (including Language), Mathematics, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, and Learning and Technology. Coming to Australia to study in primary school, children are in the golden period of language learning. The all-English teaching environment, coupled with Australia's beautiful environment, food safety and other factors, can lay the foundation for children to go to world-famous schools in the future.

  2. Secondary school: The Australian school system is similar to that of Hong Kong, and secondary school lasts for 6 years. Generally, secondary school students do not need an English IELTS score to study in Australia, but they need to be accompanied by a language course for 20 weeks, and then the main course. If students have an IELTS score of 5~5.5, they do not need language classes and can be admitted directly. The benefits of studying abroad in secondary school are numerous. First of all, if you choose Australia to study from junior high school, you will generally be able to speak English as fluently as your mother tongue in the future. But if you choose to study in Australia at an older age, even if you try to learn English, it is difficult to integrate into the Australian local population.

  3. Technical and Further Education (TAFE): Vocational education and further education in Australia mainly provide students with a variety of vocational higher education courses, involving hundreds of disciplines (such as finance and trade, business and finance, engineering and architecture, visual arts and so on). Its courses can be directly linked to bachelors courses at other Australian universities, which is a great way to help students succeed at university. At the same time, TAFE also provides high-quality and high-level vocational skills training for its students, so that students can have professional vocational skills when graduating.

  4. Universities: Australia's education is among the best in the world, with a total of 42 universities in the country. Whilst there are 2 private universities, the rest are public. University programs generally last three to four years, Masters degree programs last one to two years, and doctoral degrees require three years or more to complete.

Choice of further studies in Australian universities

When it comes to studying abroad, many people's first reaction is the Ivy League schools in the United States. As a popular country for studying abroad, Australia has eight famous schools that are also known as Australia's Ivy League due to their high-quality educational resources and good academic environment - they are representatives of Australia's high-quality universities! Australia's "Big Eight" perennially dominates the world's top 100 universities, these schools are:

1. The Australian National University

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 30

ANU is an excellent public university with a long history in Australia, and a reputation steeped in education and research. Quality education attracts international students from all over the world who come to Australia to further their studies, and it is a world-class university with outstanding teaching and research results.

2. The University of Melbourne

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 33

Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne is one of the world's leading research universities - and it’s located right here, in the educational capital of the Southern Hemisphere. Many of Melbourne's graduates have become leaders in their fields and have played an important role in politics, culture, academia and business around the world.

3. The University of Sydney

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 41

The University of Sydney is located in the heart of Sydney, the financial capital of Australia. It’s known for its business, law and medical majors. Its outstanding academic achievements and excellent course quality are well-known at home and abroad, especially in business, engineering, architecture, medicine, law and other majors.

4. The University of New South Wales

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 45

The University of New South Wales is known for its engineering and business studies. Its strong, professional main campus is located in Sydney, covering an area of 38 hectares, which is convenient for transportation from the railway station and airport. There are also three campuses, namely the College of Arts, St. George's and the Defense Military Academy. Both of the former are also near Sydney, whilst the latter is in Canberra.

5. The University of Queensland

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 50

The University of Queensland is Queensland's first comprehensive university, founded in 1910, making it the oldest university in Queensland. Its scientific research funding and academic level are always among the top three universities in Australia, and the number of doctoral students is the largest.

6. Monash University

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 57

Established by Parliament in 1958, Monash University is Victoria's second oldest university. Monash has an international reputation for its teaching excellence and superb research, it’s one of Australia's largest national universities, and it’s also a well-known intensive research university, which is the first choice for many international students to study in Australia.

7. The University of Western Australia

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 90

UWA is one of Australia's most historical, representative and powerful prestigious research universities, ranking among the best in many authoritative Australian university rankings. UWA is located in Western Australia, a state of endeavor with only 11% of Australia's population but that generates and supports nearly 50% of the Australian economy, Its 65-acre main campus is just five kilometres from Perth’s city centre.

8. The University of Adelaide

QS World University Rankings 2023 - 109

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, the University of Adelaide was the third university established in Australia. It boasts 5 Nobel Prize winners and 108 Rhodes Scholars, and has been rated as a super five-star academic institution by QS Think Tank. The University of Adelaide is renowned for its cutting-edge research, high quality of education and producing graduates with a world impact.

Application process for further education in Australia

  1. Choose a study abroad major and school: First, determine your study abroad goals and majors, and choose the right Australian universities and colleges for your needs.

  2. Submit application materials: According to the requirements of the application school, prepare relevant application materials (such as resume, transcripts, language test results, recommendation letters, etc).

  3. Confirm admission and apply for visa: After the school's admission notice is issued, applicants need to pay tuition fees and submit visa applications as required, and obtain an Australian study visa before entering Australia to study.

  4. Prepare for departure: Prepare your flight, accommodation, medical insurance, luggage, etc. before entering the country.

It should be noted that current and future Hong Kong students studying in Australia only need to successfully complete their studies to obtain a temporary graduate visa for 5 years, and can apply for a permanent residence visa after 5 years. Hong Kong students who have been granted a graduate visa will be eligible to extend their visa for 5 years with immediate effect, regardless of how long they have been in Australia, and will be eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa at the end of that period. Hong Kong students studying in Australia’s remote areas will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence visa after 3 years.


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