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2023 Guide to Buying Property in Australia for International Students

Updated: Apr 11

In 2023, Australia's borders will be fully opened and a large number of international students will flock to the country. As a result, the already present difficulty of renting houses will become a big problem. Therefore, many parents will choose to buy a house in Australia for their children to live in. So, can international students buy property in Australia? What problems need attention?

Can overseas students buy property in Australia?

Yes. And it’s not only international students who can buy property in Australia, in fact, anyone can. There will be some restrictions due to different identities.

For example, if you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you can usually only buy new buildings, not second-hand buildings. In addition, foreign students are required to accept the purchase review of the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) when buying a house.

Can international students get loans?

International students generally need to be over 18 years old to buy a property in Australia, and there is no strict age limit for others. However, younger international students who do not have enough income may face considerable obstacles if they need to apply for a mortgage. Especially considering the very limited income of full-time students. In particular, international students only have 24 legal working hours per week in Australia.

However, regardless of the identity of the foreign student taking the loan, proof of income is required, and they will be required to show proof of the ability to deposit continuously for more than 3 months. The mortgage repayment period is generally 30 years. Therefore, international students must prepare sufficient funds to buy a property and seek financing advice from a loan manager.

Can international students buy a property in Australia in joint names (with their parents or other people)?

In Australia, there are two main ways to buy joint real estate with more than one person:

  1. Joint Tenancy:

When buying a house in Australia in joint names, unless the buyer makes a special statement, the house purchase contract will generally be signed as a joint ownership. All house buyers jointly own the property; that is, the risks, rights and benefits of the house are shared by all joint names. In addition, co-ownership can save a lot of trouble in terms of inheritance, and it also reduces a lot of legal procedures. If one of the parties dies, the original rights under his name will automatically revert to the other surviving party. However, from the point of view of handling mortgages, the mortgage ratio of international students is limited, which may reduce the mortgage amount.

  1. Tenancy in Common:

Buyers can also choose to freely distribute the ownership of the property under the name of each buyer in proportion. In addition, the co-signer can resell or donate the share under his own name to others without the consent of other owners. If one party dies, the deceased can transfer the percentage (%) he holds to the designated beneficiary through the will.

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