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Australia 188B Investment Immigration Visa Introduction | 188B requirements, advantages, processes

Updated: Apr 11

Australia has now become an ideal country for more and more immigration of elite people and high-net-worth individuals. Among the many immigration channels provided by Australia, 188B investment immigration is favoured by the elite.

Among the many Australian commercial immigration categories, the Australian 188B investment visa is unique. It is an immigration category set up by Australian investor residences. In 4 years, investors can get permanent resident status along with their families. It is currently a minority option, meaning you do not need to operate a business in Australia in business immigration categories. It is also the only category where you can invest in Australian government bonds.

At present, Australian PR by investment (via 188B immigration) has become the most common way for Hong Kong’s wealthy people and high-net-worth people to immigrate to Australia. Therefore, this article will help you learn more about the advantages, conditions, and specific processes of 188B investment immigration.

What are the advantages of Australia’s 188B investment immigration?

One of the advantages of the 188B Australian investment immigration visa is that, generally speaking, investors consider the focus of Australian investment immigration. This means the acquisition of immigration permanent residents, followed by investment income and returns.

In Australia, the security of state debt is second only to deposits. It is designated and managed by state governments and is protected by the Australian legal system. Therefore, 188B investors do not have to worry about the security of funds. The Australian 188B investment visa allows investor residence to take care of their investments easily and worry-free, which is why investors love it.

So, specifically, the advantage of an Australia 188B investment immigration visa is:

1. The investment amount is relatively low (starting from 2.5 million AUD $).

2. Investment funds (government bonds) and such investment methods can ensure the security of funds, and investors also own the income. The cost performance is very high.

3. There is no need to own a company in the applicant’s name.

4. Get the reinvestment first: After obtaining the Australian 188B immigration visa, you can live in Australia. Before permanent residency is approved, children can enjoy free primary and secondary school education in Australia.

5. Carrying family members: Applicants can bring qualified family members, including spouses or children, by jointly applying for temporary and permanent residence visas.

6. Easy to transfer to permanent residence: Applicants who get 188B investment visas find it easier to get permanent residence than other types of immigrant visas. For example, the 188B visa is converted to permanent residency following the 4-year residence of the main and vice applicant, assuming the applicant has maintained the government’s designated bond for 4 years. That is, you can get a permanent residence visa.

Specific requirements of Australia 188B Investment Immigration

The 188B investment immigration applicant can be within or outside Australia.

Investor Stream 188B is generally a 5-year temporary visa, which requires applicants to sell at least 2.5 million Australian dollars in commercial or net assets and invest 2.5 million Australian dollars in Australia.

There are some requirements:

• The age of the main and vice applicants is under 55 years old

• A state or territory must be nominated where the applicant will live for at least 2 years

• EOI score of at least 65 points 

• Language requirement of IELTS 4.5 or language learning fee exemption 

• No history of participating in unacceptable business or investment activities

• Meet personality and health requirements

• Signing an Australian values statement

• Debt-free relationship with the Australian government

• No visa cancellation or record of visa rejection

• Have a successful business experience

• Have at least 3 years of experience managing one or more eligible enterprises or making eligible investments

• Successful records of qualified investment or business work

• Qualified or possess high-level skills in management, investment, or business work

• Personal assets or investment requirements, including:

  - In the five fiscal years before the investment Visa, the applicant directly manages:

In the enterprise that meets the requirements, you or your spouse may hold at least 10% of the shares or your spouse, or;

Australian PR by investment that meets the requirements: When you received an invitation on July 1, 2021, you or your spouse must have invested at least $2.5 million.

  - The assets owned: In the two fiscal years before the invitation to apply for a visa, the net worth you/and your spouse own total at least $ 2.5 million

* These assets must be legally obtained and can be transferred to Australia within two years after signing.

In addition, it is worth noting:

If invited to apply for the 188b investment immigration visa applicant on July 1, 2021, you must (when applying for the Visa and after the Visa) make a major investment of at least $ 2.5 million. In other words, the applicant must continue to make major investments while holding a temporary visa.

• At the same time, you must invest in the following proportion:

• At least $500,000 Australian dollars in venture capital, investing in startups and small private companies;

• At least $750,000 Australian approval management funds, which must be invested in emerging companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange;

• At least $1.25 million Australian dollars in “balanced investment.”

• These management funds can be used to invest in a series of assets, including companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Australian corporate bonds, or bills, annuities, and commercial real estate.

Remember: The Immigration Bureau is prohibited from investing in residential real estate directly and strictly limits the indirect investment of the fund to invest in residential properties. You cannot use investment as a guarantee or mortgage for loans.

188b investment visa scoring table

1. Age: (The invitation of the state is subject to the invitation)

18-24 years old - 20 points

25-32 years old - 30 points

33-39 years old - 25 points

40-44 years old - 20 points

45-54 years old – 15 points

55 years old - 0 points

2. English

IELTS at least 4 - 5 points

3. Education

Vocational education certificate issued by Australian education institutions, graduation certificates or bachelor’s degrees; or 5 points for bachelor qualifications certified by education institutions, Australian institutions, bachelor’s degree in science or technology; or bachelor’s degree in educational institutions that meet the certification standards - 10 points

4. Investment experience

Invited to apply for an Australian business Visa for at least 4 years to hold a 10-point investment of not less than AUD 250,000

Invited to apply for an Australian business Visa for at least 7 years to hold a 15-point investment of not less than AUD 250,000 

5. Family and company net assets

In the last 2 fiscal years, it was satisfied:

$1.25 million Australian dollars - 5 points 

$1.75 million Australian dollars - 15 points

$2.25 million Australian dollars - 25 points

$275 million Australian dollars - 35 points

6. The company’s annual turnover

(In the last 4 fiscal years; at least 2 fiscal years have been satisfied)

$750,000 Australian dollars 5 points

$1.25 million Australian dollars - 15 points

$1.75 million Australian dollars - 25 points

$2.25 million Australian dollars - 35 points

7. Innovative qualifications

Certificate of registered patent or registration design - 15 points

Certificate of registered trademark - 10 points

Formal joint venture company agreement - 5 points

8. Export trade certificate - 15 points

Certificate of Rights Equipment of Gazelle Enterprise (Gazette Enterprise is a collective name for high-tech enterprises with good growth and jumping development trends) - 10 points

Gift receipt or risk capital financing certificate - 10 points

9. Special endorsement

The nominated state or territorial government agency determines a unique plan and a special contribution of 10 points 

(Please note: scores of at least 65 points or more meet the requirements of Australia 188B investment visa for Australian PR by investment)

188b investment immigration visa application process

1. Submit 188B Immigration Intent Application (EOI)

2. Apply and obtain the state government guarantee

3. Get EOI invitation

4. Complete asset audit

5. Submit application materials

6. Get an interview notice and supply the requested materials

7. Physical examination and payment of English contribution

If the master applicant does not have a total IELTS score of 4.5, you need to pay the language learning fee of AUD$9,795; for the spouse or the accompanying children who are 18 years old, if you do not reach the IELTS score of 4.5 points, you need to pay the language learning fee of AUD$4,890/person (specific costs are subject to the latest requirements of the Australian immigration department).

Special reminder: policy information changes from time to time, so you should check the official website of the Australian Immigration Bureau.

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